April 12, 2004

NPRI Communities Portal unveiled at Globe 2004

VANCOUVER, BC-The National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) Communities Internet Portal, a new tool designed to provide the public quick and easy access to local information about pollutant releases, was officially launched in Vancouver during Globe 2004. The Internet Portal, which was showcased "live" at this year's biennial trade conference on business and the environment, includes on-line pollution maps, community tips, case studies and an improved search engine as well as a growing segment on health and environmental issues related to pollutants. Communities can use it as a starting point for information on pollutant releases, disposals and recycling in their communities or to recognize progress, to develop community plans and priorities, and to become more informed and take action on environmentally responsible behaviour in their communities. The NPRI Communities Portal may be accessed on Environment Canada's Web site, www.ec.gc.ca.
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