April 12, 2004

Anderson marks release of road salt management Code of Practice

In a statement marking the release of a federal Code of Practice for the Environmental Management of Road Salts, Environment Minister David Anderson said, "I am pleased to share with provinces, territories, municipalities and others who are responsible for public roads our Code of Practice for the Environmental Management of Road Salts. It is the result of two years of working with road authorities, the salt industry, environmental organizations and other stakeholders to develop a tool that will assist communities in protecting their environment while continuing to keep roads safe.

A draft version of the Code of Practice was published last September 20 in the Canada Gazette, Part I for a 60-day comment period (ELW September 29, 2003).

"On average, in Canada, we use more than five million tonnes of road salts annually to keep our roads clear of ice and snow, and to keep Canadians safe," Anderson continued. "Science has shown that road salts in high concentrations pose a serious threat to animals, plants and aquatic environments around storage and disposals sites and through runoff into streams and rivers. The experiences of some municipalities, the work of the Transportation Association of Canada, and developments in technology and knowledge have shown us that we can reduce this damage.

"The Code of Practice encourages those who manage roadways to develop salt management plans so that road salts can be used more efficiently and effectively, and with less environmental harm. By releasing the Code of Practice now, we hope to give road authorities a head start on developing salt management plans for the coming year," he concluded.

More information is available on the National Office of Pollution Prevention Web site, www.ec.gc.ca/nopp/en/index.cfm.

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