March 29 - April 5, 2004

Recycling firm director fined $13K, ordered to remove stored tires

BELLEVILLE, ONT-Ian Herd, director and adminstrator of a recycling company in Belleville, was convicted of illegally operating a waste disposal site, in contravention of Ontario's Environmental Protection Act, and fined $13,000. His numbered company 1358208, operating as GRS Recycling, in Belleville, recycles used tires as one of its ventures. In October 2001, the Ministry of Environment (MOE) became aware of a large pile of tires being stored on a property in Belleville. Further review determined that Herd had leased the property for the purpose of storing and recycling used tires. Almost 11,000 used tires accumulated on the leased property between December 2001 and July 2002. The MOE found that Herd had not obtained a certificate of approval as is required if an operator intends to operate a waste disposal site storing more than 5,000 used tires. Illegal operation of a waste disposal site contravenes Section 27 (1)(b) of the Act. Herd was given 30 days to pay the fine and was ordered by the court (under Section 190 of the Act) to remove all tires from the Belleville property using a MOE-approved carrier and deposit them at a MOE-approved waste disposal site. He must also provide the district manager of the MOE's Belleville office evidence of the MOE-approved transport and deposit of the tires; this must be done within 90 days.
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