March 29 - April 5, 2004

Two effluent spills prompt MOE investigation of Schneider Foods

LONDON, ONT-Ontario Ministry of Environment (MOE) officials have launched an investigation of Schneider Foods following a second discharge of effluent into the Thames River near St Marys. Both discharges originated from a sewage treatment plant at a facility operated by the company. The first discharge released up to an estimated 1,350 cubic metres of cloudy brown effluent over an hour-long period on the morning of March 16. Schneider reported the release to the MOE, indicating that due to a process upset, the effluent may not have met standards set out in its certificate of approval. The second discharge occurred on March 19; MOE staff responded and ensured the discharge was stopped. Ministry officials have met with the company and have confirmed that the sewage treatment plant will not resume discharging until effluent can meet the MOE standard. . There are no municipal drinking water treatment plants with intakes drawing from the Thames River, and there are no anticipated human health impacts due to the first discharge.
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