May 3, 2004

Ontario acquires land for addition to Lynde Marsh protected area

WHITBY, ONT-Ontario Natural Resources Minister David Ramsay recently announced expanded government protection for the provincially significant Lynde Marsh near Whitby. The province contributed $1.5 million to acquire approximately 59 hectares for addition to the area of the marsh already under protection. With the newest acquisition, about 44% of the Lynde Marsh protection target of 243 hectares (600 acres) has been achieved. The lands were acquired through MNR's natural areas protection programs, in partnership with local government, and will become part of the province's proposed protected greenbelt. The purchase was undertaken in partnership with the Town of Whitby, which contributed $450,000. The local Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority will hold title to the land, and will be responsible for its future management and preservation. The Lynde Marsh contains three provincially significant wetlands: Lynde Creek Marsh, Cranberry Marsh and part of Carruthers Creek. The area supports rare plants, is home to 35 species of fish, and is a breeding area for wetland birds. It is also a resting place for migratory birds and a nesting place for shoreline birds.
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