March 28, 2005

Registration granted for new pesticide from BASF Canada

TORONTO, ONT-BASF Canada has received registration for its Gemini seed treatment fungicide, making it available to cereal growers in Canada for the 2005 season. The pesticide is designed to combat a wide range of diseases in cereal crops and provides complete disease control at one rate of application regardless of the crop-wheat, barley or oats, says the company. Its water-based formulation enhances product safety, adds BASF. "It's a well established fact that healthier plants use less energy fighting disease with the result that more energy is focused on what's important, crop growth and development. Gemini supports rigorous growth and development by controlling seedling blights caused by key seed and soil-borne pathogens in cereal crops," said Rick Mitzel, a seed treatment specialist with BASF Canada. As part of its corporate citizenship activities, the company also recently announced new donation and sponsorship guidelines, focused on three main areas. These include: Sustainability, i.e. the combination of environmental stewardship with social responsibility and economic performance; Innovation (developing solutions for Canadian agricultural challenges); and Core Crops, such as canola, corn, soybeans and wheat. More information is available on BASF's Web site,

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