February 23, 2004

Hydrogenics to develop fuel cell powertrains for off-road light utility vehicles

MISSISSAUGA, ONT-Hydrogenics last week announced plans for a new business initiative to develop fuel cell-based powertrains for off-road light vehicles. The company is targeting original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) as potential partners in the development of a range of fuel cell-powered off-road vehicles in the sub-automotive power range-typically less than 50 kW of power. Such vehicles would be deployed in utility markets such as airport ground support, materials handling, underground mining, grounds maintenance, and military applications. The company says substantial cost reductions in the HyPM fuel cell power module, combined with breakthrough increases in durability and performance, have accelerated market prospects for certain off-road light mobility vehicles. In addition to developing additional HyPM power modules to complement its current 10 kW commercial model, the company is working with new and existing partners to develop integrated hybrid power plants optimized for such applications. "Our announcement today is a call for prospective industry partners to check out our new Hydrogenics Partner Program," said CEO Pierre Rivard. "Target partners in this program include compatible mobility OEMs and component providers in the areas of hydrogen storage, electrical storage devices, power conditioning, traction controllers and drives, and fuel cell components." More information is available from Bruce Townson, Hydrogenics' director of corporate development, 905/361-4587, E-mail btownson@hydrogenics.com, Web site www.hydrogenics.com.
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