April 4, 2005

CO2 Solution, Forintek seek patent on new emission control technology

QUEBEC CITY, QUE- CO2 Solution and Forintek, Canada's national wood products research institute, have jointly filed a patent to protect new technology designed to curb emissions from the production of particle board. A joint development agreement signed in late 2002 by CO2 Solution and Forintek led to studies on the contaminants associated with this industrial activity, followed by design and construction of the new equipment, known as a biofilter, in 2004. Laboratory tests were carried out during the fall of 2004 and recent analyses of the test results indicate that the technology is ready to move to the pre-commercialization stage. The patent application is the first step toward this stage. More information is available from Ghislain ThÈberge, president and CEO of CO2 Solution, 418/842-3456, Web site www.co2solution.com, or from Jean-Claude Mercier at Forintek, 418/659-2647.

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