April 4, 2005

Final EIA guidelines released for proposed industrial landfill project

FREDERICTON, NB-New Brunswick Environment and Local Government Minister Brenda Fowlie has released final guidelines for the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of an industrial landfill proposed by JD Irving for construction in the Coal Creek area near Grand Lake. The proposed project also includes related facilities and infrastructure. Draft guidelines were released in January for a 30-day public comment period. Under the EIA process, JD Irving will prepare terms of reference for the EIA study and submit a copy to the minister for review. This will be followed by an EIA report to be prepared by the proponent (i.e. the company). The purpose of this study is to determine methods of avoiding and/or minimizing negative environmental impacts resulting from the undertaking. In addition to considering impacts, it includes a detailed description of the project, an evaluation of alternatives, and proposed methods for evaluating the accuracy of environmental impact predictions. This report will be analyzed by a federal-provincial committee of technical experts, which will subsequently issue a general review statement. Once it is determined that the EIA report meets the final guidelines, the review statement and a summary of the EIA report, prepared by the department, will be released in advance of a required public meeting. All this will take place before the government decides whether to approve the proposal. The final guidelines may be viewed on-line at www.gnb.ca/0009/0377/0002/0014-e.asp.

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