April 4, 2005

Sask govt, industry collaborate on e-waste, paint recycling programs

REGINA, SASK-The Saskatchewan government and industry are working on the details of two new recycling programs, one is for e-waste and the other for waste paint. Saskatchewan Environment expects that more than 2,000 tonnes of e-waste will be generated in the province this year, and reports that nearly 75% of waste collected during household hazardous waste collection days is paint. Under the proposed e-waste and paint recycling programs, consumers would pay a small environmental levy when they buy computer equipment or paint. That money would then be used to pay for industry-managed paint and e-waste recycling programs. The precise figures of environmental levies have not yet been determined. "This approach expands on the successful model established by our used oil and scrap tire recycling programs," said Bert Weichel, head of the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council. "Industry and the public are ready to use Extended Producer Responsibility as an effective approach to further waste reduction, resource recovery and environmental protection," he added. The government will now ask industry to help design a program that minimizes costs and works efficiently and fairly for all industry participants. Regulations based on the results of these consultations will be used to establish the industry-operated programs. The paint and e-waste recycling programs are expected to be in operation by the spring of 2006. More information is available from Joe Muldoon at Saskatchewan Environment, 306/787-6178.

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