April 11,2005

Western Canadian Coal seeks approval for production increase at Dillon Mine

VANCOUVER, BC-Western Canadian Coal has applied to the BC Ministry of Energy and Mines for approval to amend its Dillon Mine annual production limit from 240,000 tonnes per calendar year to a continuous monthly rate of 80,000 tonnes. The proposed change in mine production rate would not increase the mine disturbance footprint or the total waste mined but would allow the Company to mine out the small deposit at an accelerated rate. If the amendment is approved soon, the company would expect to produce and sell approximately 800,000 tonnes of low volatile pulverized coal injection (LV-PCI) coal by the end of March 2006. In view of the growing demand for this premium grade of coal, Western is also preparing applications for an Environmental Assessment (EA) certificate and mine permit on the proposed adjacent Brule Mine. The company submitted a Brule project description report to the BC Environmental Assessment Office in January and expects to file its application for the EA certificate by the third quarter of 2005.

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