March 1, 2004

Quebec MOE recognizes filtration technology developed by H2O Innovation

QUEBEC CITY, QUE-The Quebec Ministry of Environment has officially recognized H2O Innovation's membrane filtration systems for surface water treatment. This is the first such certification to be granted by the Ministry to any company having developed nanofiltration technology capable of meeting the requirements of Quebec's drinking water quality regulations. The evaluation was performed on H2O Innovation's Omega series NanH2Ofiltration technology. The system is well suited to municipal applications, providing reduction of turbidity, colour, organic contaminants, total dissolved solids and trihalomethane precursors, as well as elimination of bacteria and viruses, says the company. Other H2O Innovation technologies certified by the Quebec MOE have included the RBR and Bio-Fosse treatment systems for wastewater, and two more technologies are in the process of being certified. More information is available from Carole-Anne DugrÈ at H2O Innovation, 418/688-0170, E-mail, Web site The Ministry certification may be viewed at
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