January 26, 2004

Wavefront teams with Jacques Whitford, GeoSyntec on U.S. remedial work tests

Wavefront Energy and Environmental Services is collaborating with GeoSyntec Consultants, of Guelph, Ontario to apply Wavefront's Pressure Pulse Technology (PPT) at NASA's Launch Complex 34 in Cape Canaveral, Florida. This is the second pilot study being conducted with GeoSyntec at the same location. The scope of the current work is to evaluate, on a larger scale, the ability of PPT to distribute an emulsified, zero-valent iron liquid for in-ground remediation of trichloroethylene.

Wavefront, based in Edmonton, received an award for its groundwater remediation technology deployment and development during the initial pilot program in 2002. Company president and CEO Brett Davidson said the repeat business "positions us well for the larger scale remediation required at Complex 34 and confirms the excellent growth prospects for our innovative technology within the environmental sector."

GeoSyntec provides earth and environmental sciences consulting services; environmental, geotechnical, and hydrological engineering consulting and design services; and construction management and quality assurance services for projects involving these practices.

In another collaboration, Wavefront will be working with Jacques Whitford Environmental, Geotechnical and Risk Management Consultants of Portsmouth, New Hampshire on a one-week pilot study will at Consolidated Edison's Maspeth substation in New York City's Queens district. The project, intended to assess the efficacy of PPT, will combine this process with water injection to increase the recovery rate of a contaminant impairing groundwater quality.

The results of this study will be compared to water injection without PPT in order to determine how PPT can be used to reduce the overall time and lifecycle costs of a proposed environmental remediation plan for the Maspeth site. Wavefront hopes to replicate the results of a previous project in which PPT accelerated the removal of an in-ground contaminant by a factor of more than 250% and led the company's obtaining its Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) certificate.

Davidson observed that "successful implementation of PPT at the Maspeth site will open many doors in the electrical utility industry, which has a large number of contaminated sites that are currently being remediated."

As evidence of the growth potential for its own, as well as other environmental technologies, Wavefront cites estimates from Export Development Canada's summer 2003 edition of ExportWise indicating that the U.S. government spends approximately $1.4 billion annually to clean up of toxic waste sites. The global waste cleanup market is estimated at more than $100 billion per year, with many countries experiencing growth in the 20% percent range.

Wavefront has developed and commercialized innovative technologies for fluid flow optimization and process monitoring in both the environmental and energy sectors. Its PPT has proved successful in enhancing secondary oil recovery and energy security while in the environmental sector, the verified process has contributed to accelerated recovery and degradation of groundwater contaminants, reducing contaminated site-related liabilities.

More information is available from Wavefront CFO D Brad Paterson, 780/486-2222, ext. 224.

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