February 2, 2004

SDTC launches fifth funding round with call for SOIs

Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) has launched its fifth round of funding, inviting Statements of Interest (SOIs) from prospective project proponents. SDTC is a $350-million fund established to foster and accelerate the development, demonstration and pre-commercialization of sustainable development technologies. Since its first funding round in April 2002, more than 735 consortia (representing over 2,000 companies and institutions) have requested a total of $1.4 billion, leveraged by an additional $3.2 billion which the consortia brought with them. Applications came from a broad range of sectors and technologies and from companies in every province and territory in Canada. To date, SDTC has awarded $39.7 million in support of 27 projects from Rounds 1 to 3; another 24 projects from Round 4 are currently under consideration for financing.

"The response to SDTC is...exciting because it tells us that there is a tremendous capacity for clean technology innovation in Canada. We recognize that we are helping meet the needs of entrepreneurs not only with funding support, but with advice to innovators about how to take their product to market. The result will be technologies that have a far greater likelihood of attaining market entry, with the ensuing economic and sustainable development benefits," said SDTC president and CEO Vicky Sharpe.

In addition to working with entrepreneurs, SDTC has been working on their behalf to encourage the venture capital community to pursue investment in clean technologies more aggressively. It is also encouraging governments to focus their clean technology investments in the development and demonstration stage. This pre-venture capital gap is the weakest link in Canada's innovation chain.

"For Canada to be a world leader in the clean technology sector, and for Canadians to reap the benefits of technology commercialization, there must be an urgent and combined effort on behalf of the private sector, the financial sector and governments to capture the opportunity which SDTC has quantified," said Sharpe, noting that "SDTC is in a position to harness the efforts of all of these stakeholders so that a critical mass of Canadian technologies and capacity can be built. This has economic benefits for Canada in terms of competitiveness, but it also has important benefits for Canadians in terms of greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions and cleaner air."

The call for SOIs, along with the new on-line Phase 1-SOI application form and frequently asked questions, may be viewed on SDTC's Web site, www.sdtc.ca/funding. More information is also available from AndrĂˆe Mongeon at SDTC, 613/234-6313, ext 224, E-mail a.mongeon@sdtc.ca, www.sdtc.ca.

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