February 23, 2004

Investigation launched following minor spill near Petro-Canada plant

OAKVILLE, ONT-A comprehensive investigation was launched early last week after a light sheen of petroleum product was detected on the Lake Ontario shoreline near the dock serving Petro-Canada's Oakville refinery. Emergency response procedures were immediately activated and Petro-Canada's marine response team was deployed to the scene. There was no public safety risk, and the source of the leak was quickly detected and stopped. It is estimated that approximately ten barrels of furnace fuel oil, which is similar to diesel fuel, was released. No loading or unloading was taking place at the time, as the dock is closed to marine traffic during the winter months. Furnace fuel oil is used to winterize piping located at the facility. Although Petro-Canada's initial clean-up response was hampered by unstable ice conditions, light winds and favourable weather helped to contain the fuel oil between the shoreline and the dock. The site was prepared so that Petro-Canada's response team could begin manually recovering the product during the remainder of the week. Local authorities, including the Ministry of Environment, Coast Guard, Environment Canada and the Halton Region Spills Centre were notified as well.
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