January 19, 2004

Alberta Environment to launch on-line reporting option for environmental incidents

EDMONTON, ALTA-Beginning April 1, 2004, industry and municipalities will be able to report environmental incidents such as releases and spills to Alberta Environment using the department's new on-line Internet Incident Reporting System. Regulated parties are currently required to make an immediate verbal report (by or in person) and a follow-up written report within seven days following any incident which could have an environmental impact. The new reporting system will allow registered regulated parties to submit immediate reports electronically, giving Alberta Environment investigators immediate access to critical incident details. Other advantages of electronic reporting include: greater consistency between immediate and follow-up reports; immediate acknowledgement that mandatory incident reports have been filed and received by Alberta Environment; and automated updating of reported information into Alberta Environment's incident tracking database. While it will offer a new option for incident reporting, the system will not change the type of information required in the reports. It also does not obligate anyone to report electronically should they choose to report verbally. The Internet Incident Reporting System was developed in partnership with stakeholders representing a range of regulated sectors including oil and gas, chemical manufacturing, petroleum refining, fertilizer manufacturing, cement manufacturing, power generation and municipal water and wastewater facilities.
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