May 9, 2005

Mariah Energy to help wastewater facility convert methane gas to on-site power

CALGARY, ALTA-Mariah Energy has been selected by the Alberta Capital Region Waste Water Commission (ACRWC) to provide technology for converting methane gas emissions from ACRWC's wastewater facility to produce electric power. The first stage of the project will involve a pilot installation which can be expanded once the testing period is successfully completed. The company will help ACRWC with its evaluation and is able to provide a complete turnkey service to the organization. The project will advance the Region's commitment to the environment by ending the practice of flaring methane gas, and will do so in a way that reduces the cost of the electricity required to operate the facility. "We're pleased to be advancing our commitment to protection of the environment with this industry first deployment that targets greenhouse gases produced by wastewater facilities. As an additional benefit, we expect this technology will allow us to reduce our overall electric utility bill. Finally, by capturing and converting the energy from the methane that we produce we are contributing to energy conservation and demand on Alberta's overall electrical capacity," said Mike Darbyshire, ACRWC's manager of engineering and operations. Paul Liddy, president and CEO of Mariah Energy, noted that "our ability to deliver cogeneration without the need to condition or compress the methane being supplied by a facility substantially reduces costs and this makes cogeneration economically viable for operations like the ACRWC." More information is available from Dan Cloutier at Mariah Energy, 403/781-3322, FAX 403/264-2881, Web site

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