May 9, 2005

Agency invites comment on draft EIS guidelines for Romaine power project

OTTAWA, ONT-The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency is accepting public comment until May 30, 2005 on draft guidelines for the preparation of the environmental impact statement (EIS) for the Romaine project, a proposed 150-megawatt complex on the Romaine River, north of the Quebec municipality of Havre-Saint-Pierre. Hydro-QuÈbec proposes to build four generating stations as well as an access road about 160 km long, linking Highway 138 to the complex. The project would also involve the creation of reservoirs covering a total area of approximately 275 square kilometres. The guidelines describe the issues Hydro-QuÈbec, as the proponent, will be required to address in preparing an environmental impact statement for the project. The draft guidelines are available on the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency's Web site,, or may be requested from Francine Richard at the Agency, 613/957-0641, FAX 613/957-0941, E-mail Written comments on the draft guidelines are due by May 30, 2005 and should be sent to Francine Richard at the co-ordinates noted. After taking public comments into consideration, the Minister of the Environment will issue finalized guidelines to the proponent.

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