May 23, 2005

CAPP presents fourth stewardship awards to upstream oil and gas leaders

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) last week presented its fourth annual Steward of Excellence Awards to ConocoPhillips Canada, Devon Canada, NAL Resources, Nexen and Suncor Energy. These companies were recognized for their industry-leading, continued commitment to stewardship in environment, health, safety or social performance.

The recipients and their initiatives were selected from 32 entries submitted to a panel of judges representing a variety of industry stakeholders. Their achievements demonstrate a systematic approach to improved performance, above and beyond regulatory compliance, and serve to promote improved performance across the industry through shared data and best practices.

The categories and winners included:

*Environmental Performance-ConocoPhillips Canada and Suncor Energy, for a joint land restoration project to support caribou habitat;

*Health and Safety Performance-NAL Resources, for improved safety management systems; and

*Social Performance-Nexen, for its establishment of a stakeholder group in Fort Assinniboine.

In addition, Devon Canada was singled out for special recognition, receiving the President's Award for its integrated approach to water management.

"Stewardship is our industry's commitment to responsible and balanced development of Canada's oil and gas resources," CAPP chair Ross Douglas told some 500 members of the upstream oil and gas industry the association's first annual Stewardship Dinner. "These award winners are setting the bar as our industry strives for continuous improvement in environmental health, safety and social performance," said Douglas, who is president of Mancal Energy.

CAPP represents 150 companies involved in exploration, development and production of natural gas, natural gas liquids, crude oil, oil sands, and elemental sulfur in Canada. The group's member companies produce more than 98% of Canada's natural gas and crude oil. CAPP also has 125 associate members providing various support services to the upstream crude oil and natural gas industry. More information is available on the CAPP Web site,

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