May 23, 2005

Tar Pond water level lowered to facilitate interceptor sewer completion

SYDNEY, NS-The Sydney Tar Ponds Agency has lowered the water level in the south Tar Pond to facilitate the work of hooking up the new interceptor sewer. As part of the Tar Ponds cleanup project, the interceptor sewer will divert sewage currently flowing into the Tar Ponds and its tributaries, Wash Brook and Coke Ovens Brook, to the treatment plant nearing completion at Battery Point in Sydney's north end. The agency lowered the water level on May 16 at the request of Cape Breton Regional Municipality's engineering and public works department. A sluice gate in the Ferry Street cofferdam affects the water level of the South Tar Pond. The gate has been lowered and will stay down until city workers complete sewer construction. Although the lowered water level may intensify sewage odours in the area of the south pond on warm, sunny days, the agency notes that these odours should gradually diminish after the plant begins operations, likely next month. It may take a year or more, however, for the odours to disappear completely.

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