May 27, 2002

2002 Business Plan

Another highlight of last week's joint meeting of environment and energy ministers was the release of the second Business Plan under Canada's National Implementation Strategy on Climate Change. The National Climate Change Business Plan 2002 follows and expands on the first plan, which was unveiled, together with the Strategy, in October 2000 as components of the National Climate Change Process (NCCP).

The first Business Plan focused mainly on governments, signaling areas of program and policy interest. The 2002 Plan updates initiatives by individual jurisdictions. It expands on the first plan to include activities being undertaken by municipalities, industries and their associations, and environmental non-governmental organizations (ENGOs). It covers the 2002-04 planning period, presenting actions in two categories: approved and underway (projects approved during 2001 and 2002 and now being carried out); and under consideration (activities requiring further evaluation or policy and budget approval).

Like the first Business Plan, the 2002 plan illustrates the comprehensive nature of Canada's climate change response, organizing activities according to theme as well as sector. Themes include: enhancing awareness and understanding; promoting technology development and innovation; government leadership by example; investing in knowledge and building the foundation (i.e. research); and encouraging action.

The 114-page document may be viewed on-line at

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