April 22, 2002

First American Scientific opens technology research, demonstration facility

Vancouver-based First American Scientific Corp (FASC) has officially opened its demonstration site and research centre in Cloverdale, BC. The facility began full operation of production and evaluation runs for a number of corporate and institutional clients on April 8.

Dr Sundar Narayan, the company's recently-appointed vice-president of research and development, said six production projects are scheduled at the facility during April and May. including an evaluation project being conducted by the University of B C. The evaluation is expected to independently confirm results achieved in Montreal performed by FASC's partners, Alternative Green Energy Systems (AGES) and Hydro-Quebec.

FASC's patented, EPA-registered KDS Micronex technology kinetically reduces raw feedstock, such as biomass and organic and animal wastes, to a fine, dry, pathogen-reduced powder suitable for use as an organic fertilizer base or as fuel to generate BTUs or electrical power. The KDS equipment's capacity to convert high-moisture-content hog fuel (biomass) into a combustible fuel has the potential to reduce waste and operating costs significantly in the forest and agriculture industries.

The evaluation project will augment the company's research in Montreal and is expected to confirm the value of installing the KDS equipment to recycle waste and reduce energy costs at pulp and paper mills.

Other projects planned for Cloverdale will address the processing of biomass to be pelletized and sold as a fuel, the processing of hog fuel to be compressed and formed into fire logs, the processing of oyster and clamshells to be used as a soil amendment, and the processing of poultry litter for a large east coast poultry producer. Further work is also planned with organic food waste to assist with the retrofitting of the equipment located in Ireland.

FASC president Brian Nichols said "the opening of this facility...marks a significant turning point in First American's development as we can now respond to requests from our international clients in a professional, world-class fashion." Updated pictures and information are available on the company's Web site, www.fasc.net.

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