December 3, 2001

GFI Control Systems receives $6.5M to advance its clean vehicle technology

A Kitchener, Ont firm, GFI Control Systems, will receive $6.5 million in investment funds from the federal government to advance the development of its propane and natural gas control systems for gasoline and diesel engines. Industry Canada's Technology Partnerships Canada (TPC) fund is making a repayable investment of $5.4 million, with the rest of the funding coming out of the Technology Early Action Measures (TEAM) component of the federal Climate Change Action Fund.

GFI is a Tier 1 supplier of natural gas, propane and hydrogen components and systems to the alternative fuel vehicle market. Its current technology is designed to work with multi-point fuel injection automotive engines, in which separate injectors fire fuel directly into the manifold leading to each individual cylinder.

The latest project will involve further development by GFI of its fuel control technology for application in sequential multi-point fuel injection (SMPI) engines used in most current production vehicles, including heavy-duty diesel trucks and buses. In SMPI systems, highly controlled fuel mixture is achieved by firing fuel into each cylinder's intake airstream only when that cylinder reaches its induction stroke. GFI also plans to adapt its system for diesel engines.

It is projected that each vehicle equipped with GFI's technology will emit 20% less carbon dioxide. Total Canadian CO2 emission reductions from this project alone are estimated at 411 tonnes per year by 2005, rising to 5,000 tonnes per year by 2010.

More information is available from Michael Lenihan, TPC's director of environmental technologies, 613/941-7676.

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