March 10, 2000

Combustion tests validate BioOil as turbine engine fuel

Initial combustion tests using DynaMotive Technologies' BioOil to power a gas turbine engine have yielded positive results, the company and its project partner, Orenda Aerospace, reported this week.

The biomass-derived fuel was used to power a gas turbine engine manufactured by the Ukranian company SPE Mashproekt. Orenda Aerospace has used Mashproekt's GT2500 engine as the basis for a compact, dependable industrial gas turbine power generation package suitable for efficient, small-scale power requirements.

The BioOil tests are "significant validation of the commercial use of DynaMotive's BioOil as a low-emission, alternative fuel. We are particularly pleased that the BioOil used in the tests was provided directly from our plant without any additional upgrading or refining," said Keith Morries, vice-president, engineering for DynaMotive. Dr Raj Thamburaj noted that the fuel "exhibited good combustion qualities and a very favourable emission profile (greatly reduced NOX and no SOX)."

The objective of the combustion tests was to validate the fuel performance characteristics of BioOil, a renewable fuel produced from agricultural and forest waste. The program follows from an October 1999 agreement between Orenda and DynaMotive that makes Orenda the first company to successfully demonstrate the feasibility of a turbine power generation system for industry that is capable of operating on this type of fuel. The long-range goal of the partners is to market BioOil-fuelled "green" power packages to the worldwide power generation market.

More information is available from Raymond McAllister at DynaMotive, 604/267-6009, FAX 604/267-6005, E-mail, Web site

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