June 13-20, 2005

Firm and president fined $25K for failing to comply with order relating to stored drums

SARNIA, ONT-569006 Ontario Limited and company president Lawrence Brander have been fined a total of $25,000, after pleading guilty to two charges each of failing to comply with a provincial officer's order issued under the Environmental Protection Act (EP Act). In May 2004, provincial officers responding to a complaint visited an industrial property in Sarnia owned by the company. They found numerous drums, stored in a disorderly manner on the site, and noticed some liquid on the grounds. They also detected a slight styrene-like odour at the property's boundary. A provincial officer's order was issued, directing the company to submit specified information to the Ministry of Environment (MOE) by June 4, 2004, including: a plan for a preliminary inventory of the drums, including the number, size and contents, schedules for submitting sample results, an inventory of all the materials being stored at the site and their respective material safety data sheets in accordance with the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS). When none of the information was received by the MOE by the deadline, the company and Brander were charged with violating section 186(2) of the EP Act. The firm was fined $7,500 on each charge, while Brander was fined $5,000 on each count.

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