June 13-20, 2005

Odour emissions lead to $8K fine for pet food producer

KITCHENER, ONT-A complaint about odours from its pet food manufacturing facility in Elmira, Ontario, led to an $8,000 fine, plus victim fine surcharge, for DLM Foods Canada. In April 2003, Ministry of Environment (MOE) staff, following up on a complaint from an area resident about a severe odour from the DLM plant confirmed the facility as the source of the odour. DLM Foods was charged with discharging a contaminant or causing or permitting the discharge of a contaminant into the natural environment that caused, or was likely to cause, an adverse effect contrary to Section 14(1) of the Environmental Protection Act (EP Act). After pleading guilty earlier this month, the firm was given 60 days to pay the fine. In October 2003, DLM Foods was issued a provincial officer's order requiring it to submit an action plan and an amended certificate of approval application to ensure that odour concerns were adequately addressed. The company complied fully with the order and has extended the height of its plant stacks to mitigate neighbouring odours.

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