April 26, 2004

Sask Research Council unveils prototype truck fuelled by hydrogen-diesel

REGINA, SASK-In Regina last week, the Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) last week unveiled what it says is the world's first modified pickup truck fuelled by a combination of hydrogen and diesel fuel. The prototype, a General Motors heavy-duty pickup truck with a 6.6-litre turbocharged diesel engine, is part of a project to develop and apply the technology to power a standard vehicle's engine with hydrogen and conventional fossil fuels at the same time. SRC conducted a feasibility study for Ecce Energy Corporation (a Saskatchewan company), focusing on the substitution of hydrogen for gasoline or diesel fuel in vehicles. SRC demonstrated the technical feasibility and based on this success, the project was extended to include the development of two prototype vehicles using hydrogen. The first prototype vehicle can be operated on diesel fuel alone, or on a combination of hydrogen and diesel fuel. The second prototype will burn hydrogen and gasoline. SRC is developing the prototypes in association with Ecce, with $163,000 in funding from the federal government's Canadian Transportation Fuel Cell Alliance funding program. SRC is contributing $100,000 to the $463,000 project, with $200,000 coming from a private sector client. Over the next year, the project will lead to Ecce's commercialization of this novel hydrogen technology in Saskatchewan. More information is available from Karen Potter at the SRC, 306/933-7089.
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