April 19, 2004

Toronto transit receives $1B funding package for low-emission buses, other improvements

TORONTO, ONT-A $1-billion Canada-Ontario funding package announced on March 30 will improve, modernize and expand the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) system and help provide better transit service to the TTC's 1.3 million daily riders. The funding represents the largest-ever federal-provincial investment in municipal transit. The agreement will provide an average of $70 million per year from each government over five years. Prime Minister Paul Martin, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty and Toronto Mayor David Miller, made the announcement jointly on the 50th anniversary of the TTC's first subway. Among other things, the partnership will invest in new technologies to support the TTC's transition to new, lower emission buses. The funding will support several project components, such as modernizing the subway system, including the purchase of subway cars and other vehicles to increase service for commuters; an environmental assessment for subway expansion; subway and streetcar infrastructure improvements; and the purchase of hybrid or alternatively-powered (green) buses. Starting in 2006, the TTC has committed to make up at least 66% of its bus purchases as green buses, subject to a technical review prior to its 2006 bus purchase order. The TTC carries the equivalent of 365 million automotive trips annually, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than eight megatonnes per year. More information is available on the following Web sites: www.infrastructure.gc.ca; www.tc.gc.ca; www.mto.gov.on.ca; or www.toronto.ca.
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