April 12, 2004

Infrastructure program grant will enable Quebec municipality to test landfill technology

QUEBEC CITY, QUE-The regional municipality (MRC) of Le Haut-Saint-FranÁois will receive $671,870 from the Canada-Quebec Infrastructure Works program to test a new landfill technology. The provincial and federal governments are each contributing $335,935 toward the $1 million project, with the MRC providing the remaining $335,934. This new technology is designed to demonstrate the effectiveness of two pilot biostabilization units which recirculate leachate and inject air into landfilled waste in order to reduce the contaminants in the leachate, decrease biogas emissions and prolong the useful life of the site. If the system, which is already being used in areas with warmer climates such as Florida, proves effective in Quebec, it could potentially be applied to most of the province's landfill sites and eliminate nearly 20,000 tons of waste per year. As a result, it would be possible to extend the life expectancy of these sites and accelerate their development after their closure, since the decomposition process would already be complete.
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