May 10, 2004

Firm, director convicted of Drive Clean violations, fined a total of $45K

TORONTO, ONT-Fleet Rent-A-Car was convicted on eight charges related to Ontario's Drive Clean program and was fined $40,000. Company director Vladimir Klinaev was convicted on six charges and fined $5,000. Fleet Rent-A-Car Ltd. was an accredited Drive Clean facility in Toronto and Klinaev a certified Drive Clean inspector as well as director. A Ministry of Environment (MOE) investigation of four vehicles whose Drive Clean pass certificates were issued by Fleet Rent-A-Car found that they failed to meet emissions standards testing shortly after being issued the pass certificates. The company and Klinaev were charged with violations of the Environmental Protection Act, specifically: permitting the operation of a motor vehicle that does not comply with vehicle emissions standards, contrary to Section 9(13.1) of Ontario Regulation 361/98; and providing false or misleading information to an agent of the ministry, a violation of Section 184(2) of the act. Klinaev was convicted of three counts of each of these offences and fined a total of $5,000 plus a 25% victim fine surcharge. The company was subsequently convicted of four counts of each of the offences and was fined $5,000 for each violation, a total $40,000 fine plus a 25% victim fine surcharge. Another director/inspector, Melvin Deutsch, was acquitted on the two charges that were brought against him.
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