September 13-20, 2004

No moratorium planned on aerial spraying in NS

HALIFAX, NS-Nova Scotia will not place a moratorium on aerial spraying, Natural Resources Minister Richard Hurlburt said last week. "The product Vision, which has been used for aerial spraying in Nova Scotia for 20 years, has been approved for use by Health Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency and declared to be safe by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the World Health Organization," he said, adding that "our own health officials have also reviewed the human health aspects of glyphosate and indicated it poses no human health risk. Based on all of this information, I am confident that the spray program can be carried out safely and effectively." Spraying will take place according to product guidelines and criteria established by the Department of Environment and Labour. Natural Resources staff will also be on site to monitor activities and weather conditions. The program will be administered before the end of September in selected areas of Kings, Colchester and Cumberland counties.
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