September 6, 2004

Green-Domains service relies on renewable energy to power Internet sites

OTTAWA, ONT-The canadian association for renewable energies (we c.a.r.e.) has introduced a Green-Domains Internet hosting service which that uses 'green tags' to indicate that a domain is powered by renewable energy. Although the environmental mitigation of posting a domain with Green-Domains is small, the association's aim is to offer companies and individuals an opportunity to "walk the walk" and to contribute to the growth of renewables. complements the service that c.a.r.e. began offering in 2001. GreenHosting is powered totally by green energy and certified for both generation and distribution. All the electricity required by the server and ancillary operations is generated by wind turbines in Alberta, and is distributed through the Greenmax(c) program of the Calgary utility Enmax. Both generation and distribution are certified under Canada's national EcoLogo(c) program to ensure that this service contributes directly to the reduction of GHG emissions and supports new renewables facilities. Enmax charges a monthly premium for the supply of electricity from wind turbines, which is designed to offset the higher cost of generating power from this source. This premium is reflected in the GreenHosting fee. For every domain hosted on Green-Domains, we c.a.r.e. obtains Wind Power Certificates(TM) for the electricity needed to power the domain. More information is available from Bill Eggertson at we c.a.r.e., 613/728-0822, E-mail, Web site
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