September 6, 2004

EBR Registry (September 06, 2004)


Crompton to report spill details

A draft order issued to Crompton directs the company to report on details from a spill at its Elmira facility in June. In particular, the Ministry of Environment requires Crompton to carry out a detailed spill prevention assessment and to provide a spill prevention plan, in accordance with current accepted practices. Comments are due by September 15, 2004 (Registry reference No IA04E1152).

WDO submits 3rd program enhancements

Waste Diversion Ontario (WDO) has submitted for Environment Ministry approval the third in a series of proposed new measures and enhancements to the Blue Box curbside recycling program. This submission addresses cost containment, efficiency and effectiveness of the Blue Box program, and small business measures, including proposals for incentives to improve the diversion of Blue Box wastes by small businesses. The purpose of the proposal is to strengthen the ability of the program plan to contain the costs incurred by municipalities in operating their Blue Box systems. It also recommends ways of minimizing the financial and operational impacts of the program on small business. Comments are due by September 16, 2004 (Registry reference No RA04E0015).

Atotech seeks air, waste permits

Atotech Canada has applied for a comprehensive Certificate of Approval (air) for its chemical batch mixing and blending plant in Burlington, Ont. The C of A would replace the existing approval and would include the addition of new or historically unapproved air emission sources. The company, which manufactures solid and liquid finished products for the electroplating industry, expects to triple its production within the next five years, from 5.6 million to nearly 17 million kg per year. Comments are due by September 17, 2004 (Registry reference No IA04E1215). The company is also seeking approval for a waste disposal/transfer processing site as part of its waste diversion/product recycling program. The site would receive spent products from five of Atotech's 500 products. These would be bulk and batch processed separately. The total volume of waste/spent product stored on the site would not exceed 140,000 litres. Comments on this proposal are due by September 18, 2004 (Registry reference No IA04E1228).


MTO adopts EP requirements

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has adopted an environmental protection (EP) policy for transportation planning and highways. Details of the policy are set out in the document, "Environmental Protection Requirements for Transportation Planning and Highway Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance." The policy is the result of an initiative undertaken by the Ministry to clarify its environmental obligations. It synthesized some 74 provincial acts, regulations and policies which the MTO determined were applicable to transportation planning and highway design, construction, operation and maintenance, and interpreted the application of each. Based on this synthesis and interpretation, the list of environmental protection requirements was developed. The document may be viewed on the MTO Web site, (Registry reference No PE04E4551)

As a follow-up to the adoption of the policy, the MTO is seeking comments on a proposed Oak Ridges Moraine component of the policy. The EP requirements for the Oak Ridges Moraine follow from the Ministry's review of the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Act and the conservation plan for the area, and are intended to clarify the MTO's environmental obligations under the act and the plan. Once finalized, they will be added to the overall EP requirements policy. Comments are due by October 22, 2004 (Registry reference No PE04E4552)

Shell Canada Products granted PTTW

The Ministry of Environment has approved an application by Shell Canada Products for an amendment to a permit to take water (PTTW) for a site in Thurlow township (Hastings County). The amended permit allows a maximum withdrawal of 152 litres per minute (218,880 litres per day) from four of the six wells and 76 litres per minut (109,440 litres per day) from the remaining two wells on the site. The permit addresses the collection of petroleum hydrocarbon-contaminated groundwater in order to mitigate flow away from the property. The contaminated groundwater will be treated on-site using an air stripper and re-injected to an infiltration gallery (Registry reference NO IA04E1062).

Updated leachate plan approved

A proposal by Canadian Waste Services to update the leachate management plan in the provisional Certificate of Approval for its waste disposal site in Chatham-Kent has been approved by the Ministry of Environment. Under the revised plan, all of the leachate from the site will be used to irrigate a 2.9-hectare forest consisting of approximately 16,000 hybrid poplar trees which will be planted on the landfill cap. The trees will treat the leachate by taking up organics and synthesizing nitrogen compounds as nutrients, in addition to treating volatile organic compounds and other contaminants; hybrid poplars have been found to be a particularly effective tree species for this purpose. Other revisions to the plan include provision of more permanent leachate recirculation facilities on the landfill (Registry reference No IA01E1767).

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