August 23, 2004

CNSC issues licence for used fuel storage facility at OPG's Darlington station

OTTAWA, ONT-The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) has issued Ontario Power Generation (OPG) a waste facility construction licence for the construction of the Darlington used fuel dry storage facility on the site of the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station in Clarington, east of Toronto.The construction licence will not permit any used fuel to be transferred to the dry storage facility; an operating licence will be required for that activity. The construction licence is valid until November 30, 2008. The Commission's decision took into account submissions from OPG, CNSC staff and an intervenor. It concluded that OPG is qualified to carry on the activity authorized by the licence and that in doing so, OPG will make adequate provision for environmental protection, health and safety and the maintenance of national security and measures required to implement Canada's international obligations. Details on the licensing decision may be viewed on the CNSC Web site, More information is also available from Sunni Locatelli, Commission Secretariat, 613/995-0360.
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