August 2-9, 2004

EBR Registry (August 02, 2004)


Waste Diversion Act regulation change

A proposed amendment to regulations under Ontario's Waste Diversion Act would render section 35 of the act inapplicable should Brewers Retail cease operating its system for recovering, recycling and re-using its product containers and packaging. Section 35 exempts Brewers Retail from the requirement under the act to develop a waste diversion program for its containers and packaging materials, so long as its own program is in place. The Ministry of Environment anticipates that Brewers Retail will continue its program, but has introduced the regulatory amendment as a contingency in case the program is discontinued.

The proposed regulation was originally posted as an information notice; it was re-posted as a proposed regulation after the Waste Diversion Act was added to the list of acts prescribed under the Environmental Bill of Rights. Comments are due August 14, 2004 (Registry reference No RA04E0013).

Expansion sought for gravel pit

Orford Sand and Gravel is seeking approval to nearly double the size of its aggregate extraction operation in the municipality of Chatham-Kent. The company has applied for a Class A licence under the Aggregate Resources Act for a new pit at its existing site, from which up to 250,000 tonnes per year would be excavated. Should the expansion be approved, the total licensed area would increase from approximately 8.3 hectares to just over 15 hectares. Comments are due by August 21, 2004 (Registry reference No IB04E3046).

Liquid Fuels Handling Code amendment

The Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) has proposed an amendment to the Liquid Fuels Handling Code which would shorten the required separation distance between propane storage containers and a gasoline/diesel dispenser from 7.5 metres to six metres. This change is intended to harmonize the code with the Propane Storage and Handling Code and also with the proposed 2005 edition of the National Fire Code of Canada, which will require a separation distance of six metres. Comments are due by August 25, 2004 (Registry reference No RT04E0001).

Tire, rubber processing facility proposed

Reduxtec Technologies, of Ottawa, is proposing to operate a rubber and tire processing facility on a 5.15-hectare site in Renfrew County. The facility would shred, grind and granulate less than 100 tonnes per day-typically between ten and 20 tonnes per day-of material, accepting residual rubber, used car and truck tires and oversized tires from pre-approved haulage contractors. The total amount of processed rubber stored at the site would not exceed 500 tonnes at any given time. Comments are due by September 2, 2004 (Registry reference No IA04E1142)

Noranda to expand treatment plant

Noranda has applied for an amendment to the certificate of approval for its Geco wastewater treatment facilities. The company plans to upgrade and expand the plant in order to treat acid mine drainage from both the Geco mine site and the neighbouring Willroy mine site. The treatment capacity would be 22,290 cubic metres per day. Comments are due by September 2, 2004 (Registry reference No IA04E1135).

Dow plans sediment treatment system

Dow Chemical Canada is seeking a certificate of approval for air emissions associated with a biocell used for sediment bioremediation. The sediments would be hydraulically pumped to a primary settling pond on the Dow property. The sediments would remain in place in the pond, which would be converted to an anaerobic biological treatment system, called a biocell, in which chlorinated organic compounds in the sediments would be destroyed. Comments are due by September 2, 2004 (Registry reference No IA04E1130).

Compliance deadline to be extended

A proposed amendment to regulations under the Nutrient Management Act would extend the compliance deadline for existing large livestock farms. The current regulation requires these operations (approximately 1,200 in Ontario) to submit a nutrient management strategy by July 1, 2005 and to be in compliance with requirements relating to land and winter application of manure and other nutrient materials by the same date. The amendment would extend this deadline to December 31, 2005. The proposed extension is intended to give affected livestock producers extra time to obtain funding and complete necessary improvements to comply with the nutrient management regulation. It is estimated that some 500 farms will require new and/or additional manure storage facilities, and about 650 producers will need to undertake substantial environmental improvements in order to achieve compliance with the regulation. Comments are due by September 3, 2004 (Registry reference No RC04E0730)


C of A revision approved

The Ministry of Environment has approved an amendment to Canadian Waste Services' certificate of approval for its landfill site in Warwick (Lambton County). The site is licensed to receive non-hazardous solid domestic, commercial, institutional or industrial waste, as well as contaminated soil. The amendment will allow monofilling of contaminated soil in cells 8 and 10, instead of municipal solid waste. In response to a concern raised by a local public liaison committee, the amended C of A includes a condition requiring the company to notify the Ministry if any contaminated soil sample fails to meet criteria specified in the C of A (Registry reference No IA04E0398).

Water-taking permit renewal denied

A proposal by the Law Development Group to renew and amend an existing permit to take water (PTTW) for the Cran berry Resort golf course in Collingwood has been denied by the Ministry of Environment. The amendment would have increased the amount of water taken for the purpose of irrigating greens and tees. The Ministry has suspended the review process and directed the applicant to conduct an environmental study to support the request for the increased taking. In the meantime, the existing PTTW will be extended for six months, with a condition added requiring the environmental study report. The proposal generated a number of comments expressing concerns regarding issues such as possible changes in the land and water levels since 1994 when the first PTTW was issued, potential risks of herbicides or pesticides leaching from the property into Georgian Bay, and the availability of water in Georgian Bay to support the water taking (Registry reference No IA04E0736).

Royal Assent for Adams Mine Lake Act

Three amendments were included in the final version of Bill 49, the Adams Mine Lake Act, which received Royal Assent on June 17, 2004. The first amendment allows Notre Development Corporation (the original owner of the site before it was sold to 1532382 Ontario) to share in any compensation, instead of all compensation going to the numbered company; each company will be compensated for its own expenditures. Limited compensation will also be provided for expenses incurred but not paid prior to first reading of the bill. The second amendment rearranges, for easier understanding, information about reasonable expenses for which compensation will be paid. The third amendment clarifies the focus of the act on the placement of waste in a lake. Without this change, the bill would have prohibited the use of waste disposal sites on which there was a large pond for stormwater managment, or on which there was a lake which was not at all related to waste management operations. (Registry reference No AA04E0001)

FCT consolidates air emissions C of A

Fuel Cell Technologies (FCT) has received approval for a consolidated certificate of approval (air) for all emission sources at its fuel cell research and development facility in Kingston, Ont. Emissions from the facility include combustion gases from space heating equipment and test furnaces and emissions from the preparation abnd testing of fuel cell prototypes. (Registry reference No IA03E1365)

Nexcycle to process beverages, containers

An application by Nexcycle Plastics to process up to 33,000 litres per day of non-hazardous containerized beveraes has been approved by the Ministry of Environment. The facility, on Orenda Road in Brampton, would serve all of Canada, disposal of less than 0.33 tonnes of residual waste per day. The total amount of recovered beverage to be stored at the site will not exceed 110,000 litres at any time. Processes to be used incluce bottle decapping/dumping and can shredding. Conditions have been included in the C of A to address a number of concerns raised in response to the application. (Registry reference No IA04E0729)

Gravel pit expansion approved

Kennette Sand and Gravel has been granted a Class A Category 1 licence (pit below water) to expand its existing aggregate pit in the Middlesex township of North Dorchester. The company proposed to extract more than 20,000 tonnes per year from the pit, expanding the operation from 14.9 hectares (currently licensed) to 26 hectares. In response to concerns about possible adverse impacts on the flow of groundwater to the Dorchester Swamp, the company provided additional hydrogeological data to the Ministries of Environment and of Natural Resources. Based on this infomration, the MOE made technical recommendations including additional groundwater monitoring and reporting, and a lowered licence tonnage; these have been incorporated into the final approval. (Registry reference No IB03E3088).

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