July 26, 2004

Education projects help carry out NS Drinking Water Strategy

HALIFAX, NS-Nova Scotia has introduced two new drinking water education projects. The first is a handbook on due diligence, specifically written for municipal councillors and public utility operators who oversee the management of their water utilities. The second project is a set of six handbooks, also for use by these personnel, outlining the process for completing a source water protection plan. Both projects are intended to help implement the province's Drinking Water Strategy. "Our provincial Drinking Water Strategy places significant emphasis on education," noted Environment and Labour Minister Kerry Morash. Based on a widely-accepted multiple-barrier approach to managing water systems, the strategy's key elements include clarifying the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders and enhancing the multiple-barrier approach to water management. The provincial government has created an inter-departmental drinking water management committee to manage and implement the strategy. Valerie Bellefontaine Environment and Labour 902-424-2575 E-mail: bellefva@gov.ns.ca
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