July 5-12, 2004

Power Measurement's wireless energy metering system helps reveal conservation opportunities

VICTORIA, BC-Power Measurement, a company dedicated to providing energy management systems for commercial enterprises, has introduced a new wireless energy metering system, the ION(r) 6100. The system uses a network of ION 6100 wireless energy meters to monitor energy consumption throughout large multi-story buildings, and to relay the readings automatically by radio signal to a central data server. "This technology provides a cost-effective way to sub-meter tenants, departments or loads," said Rick Stetler, vice-president of sales and marketing for Power Measurement. The system "can help financial and operations managers increase tenant satisfaction through more accurate billing, while revealing opportunities for energy conservation throughout their facilities," he added. Its time-stamped, interval-based consumption data and coincident demand readings are accurate to the ANSI C12.16 Class 1 standard. The system's cost-effectiveness is enhanced by low installation costs, as it avoids the need to lay communications wire and the associated conduit throughout a facility. More information is available on the company's Web site, www.pwrm.com/products/ION6100.
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