August 23, 2004

Products: Lafarge North America's DuraPave asphalt series offers environmental, high performance benefits

The construction materials division of Lafarge North America, a leading diversified supplier of construction materials in Canada and the U.S., has introduced its new DuraPave Series of high-performance asphalt products for pavement systems.

DuraPave asphalt products are engineered to meet the needs of specific applications, in addition to providing a high level of resistance to permanent deformation, enhancing durability and flexibility, and improving fatigue resistance. Two of the series formulations in particular offer cost-effective environmental benefits: DuraCycle (tm) is a specially-formulated recycled hot mix asphalt, while DuraClime(tm) offers a low-energy, environmentally friendly asphalt mixture. Both were developed to utilize nontraditional or waste materials for traditional road construction.

The DuraPave Series offers a range of products which will help highway and municipal owners improve transportation infrastructure by reducing maintenance costs, enhancing safety and extending the life of the system. As well, says the company, property managers and owners will have more selection than has traditionally been available.

Other products in the series include:

DuraWhisper, a noise-reducing hot mix asphalt;

DuraTough, a fuel-resistant flooring mix suited to industrial/commercial large-scale applications with the benefits of reduced construction time and increased toughness;

DuraPlay, a traditional asphalt product modified for recreational and sports surfaces to improve safety ;

DuraWay, a premium mix with improved durability and scuff and tearing resistance for pathways and driveways.

DuraTint, a coloured asphalt mix developed to address addressed safety, visibility and landscaping concerns;

DuraPhalt, a high-performance hot mix asphalt; and DuraPhalt HM, a high-modulus hot mix asphalt

More information on Lafarge's DuraPave Series is available on the company's Web site,

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