July 26, 2004

Contractor fails to get approval for sewage works, fined $3K

MORRISBURG, ONT-CR Associates, a general contracting company, recently pleaded guilty to two charges counts of non-compliance with the Ontario Water Resources Act (OWRA) and was fined $3,000. The firm, which specializes in the area of insurance loss, was contracted to clean an oil fuel spill at 527 Fred Street in Winchester. On May 2, 2003, Ministry of Environment (MOE) staff checking the Fred Street fuel spill found a groundwater pumping, treating and collecting system in operation. The system qualified as a sewage works, as the quantity of contaminated groundwater being pumped and treated exceeded 10,000 litres per day. Further investigation revealed that the company did not have approval to operate a sewage works. By establishing and also operating a sewage works without MOE approval, CR Associates was in violation of Sections 53(1) and 53(5), respectively, of the OWRA. The company pleaded guilty to the two charges and was fined $3,000 for the Section 53(1) breach; a suspended sentence was handed down on the Section 53(5) offence.
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