July 5-12, 2004

Conporec affiliate will modernize French composting facility

Conporec SAS, the French subsidiary of Conporec, based in Quebec City, has been awarded a contract valued at $25 million (Cdn) to modernize a domestic waste composting facility in the French municipality of Tournan-en-Brie.

The first contract in France is expected to lead to a number of other projects, as some 22 composting facilities throughout the country, similar to the one in Tournan-en-Brie, will require upgrading over the next few years. By late this fall, Conporec anticipates bidding on two more contracts.

The company will incorporate technology developed at its composting facility in Sorel-Tracy, Quebec. This operation diverts more than 75% of the municipal solid waste from landfill in the regional county municipality (RCM) of Bas-Richelieu, making this the only RCM in the province already meeting the waste diversion target set by the Quebec Ministry of Environment for 2008.

Conporec's patented composting technology can be used either for single collection of waste or the more complex two- or three-way collection systems. The compost produced at Conporec's facility has an organic matter concentration of over 60%; this is a substantial improvement over compost made from source-separated organics, says the company.

Conporec initially responded to a call for tenders issued in June 2003 and was selected in April 2004. The bidding procedure, however, was cancelled at the request of another bidder. A new call for tenders was issued on May 5, with Conporec again the winner. A formal contract will be signed in July 2005, with work to be completed in the winter of 2006.

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