July 26, 2004

Starch-based solution provides non-toxic zebra mussel control

A Canadian researcher working at the U.S. firm Barkley Distribution, in Carson City, Nevada, has created a starch-based solution for controlling fouling caused by zebra mussels.

The solution developed by B Richard Cameron combines food-grade starch with water, which is then activated with exposed to his proprietary, non-chemical technology. The activated water-starch mixture, which Cameron describes as a "reagent," has demonstrated 100% success in controlling zebra mussel life stages while remaining non-toxic to unrelated aquatic species. When released into waterways, the starch reagent degrades quickly and naturally.

The company reports that government environmental agencies, utilities and others, including multi-national Stantec Consulting Servivces, have expressed interest in the use of the starch reagent because of its environmental advantages, notably its ability to control macro-fouling in raw water systems without harming other aquatic life.

More information is available from Beth Laski at Barkley Distribution, 818/986-1105, E-mail beth@barkley-distribution.com, Web site www.Barkley-Distribution.com.

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