July 19, 2004

NB Clean Water Act revisions in force

FREDERICTON, NB-Amendments to the Clean Water Act to help streamline the application of the Wellfield Protected Area Designation Order received Royal Assent on July 7. "The amendments provide municipalities with the ability to issue exemptions from the order at the local level," said Environment and Local Government Minister Brenda Fowlie. Specifically, the amendments: give the Minister the option of giving an appropriate municipal employee the authority to grant or refuse exemptions from the order; require the Minister to provide a written authorization describing the manner in which the delegated employee is to exercise the authority, as well as any limitations, conditions or requirements deemed appropriate; and require the municipal employee to exercise the assigned authority in accordance with the written legislation and policy. New Brunswick's Wellfield Protected Area Designation Order helps safeguard the drinking water supplies of municipalities that rely on groundwater as their primary source of drinking water. The order lists land use activities which may either be carried out or are restricted at varying distances from the production wells of designated wellfields.
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