August 2-9, 2004

Six-step plan proposed to end dispute between Nelson and city workers

NELSON, BC-Locked-out city workers have offered the municipal government a six-step proposal to end the labour dispute that has been going on since mid-June (ELW July 5-12, 2004). The settlement offer was proposed by two members of the community, Nelson Daily News columnist Stephen Fowler and Sjeng Derkx from Co-op Radio. It calls on the parties to put aside their differences on the contentious minimum staffing clause language and end the lockout. This would be followed by the signing of a two-year contract with a commitment from the city to have an independent assessment done on efficiencies and seek public input on how they may be achieved. "We've been seeking a community solution to this dispute and we believe this is it. It certainly does not satisfy us in all regards, but it does protect core city services for the next two years while the community has a chance to have input on the future of Nelson's public services," said Bev LaPointe, CUPE 339 President. CUPE 339 represents Nelson's 74 city workers who operate the city's water and wastewater treatment facilities and provide other essential municipal services.
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