August 2-9, 2004

Sonic receives first commercial contract for on-site cleanup of contaminated soil

VANCOUVER, BC-Sonic Environmental Solutions has signed its first commercial contract for on-site cleanup and treatment of approximately 3,000 tons of PCB-contaminated soil and other materials. The contract was signed July 23 with Juker Holdings, owner of the property where the contaminated material is isolated. The property is located in the Vancouver Lower Mainland of British Columbia where Sonic will deploy its new on-site remediation facility and begin the cleanup of the site later this year. "This is the first major site remediation contract for Sonic and will coincide with the commissioning of Plant Two, our full-scale remediation facility, which is on track to be deployed on this site later this year," said Sonic president and CEO Adam Sumel. "PCB-contaminated soil from the Juker site was used and successfully remediated to below two parts per million during our recent demonstrations for process approval with the Ministry of Land, Water and Air Protection. In order to ensure expeditious completion of this site we will sub-contract certain material handling and related work," he added. The company is now preparing to bid on additional sites. More information on Sonic is available on the company's Web site,, or by E-mail,
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