July 5-12, 2004

Eco-Waste Solutions pleads guilty to operating equipment without C of A

BURLINGTON, ONT-Eco Waste Solutions recently pleaded guilty to a charge under Ontario's Environmental Protection Act and was fined $3,500, plus a victim fine surcharge. The Burlington-based manufacturer of thermal oxidizers was charged after the Ministry of Environment (MOE) inspected the company's site in response to a complaint about black smoke emissions. The MOE investigation revealed that on July 18, 2002, exhaust emissions were released into the air while Eco Waste Solutions was testing a thermal oxidizing unit. The unit was not authorized to be used in this manner. The company was charged with operating equipment (the oxidizer) without a certificate of approval (air), in violation of Section 9(7) of the act, and was given 120 days to pay the $3,500 fine.
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