August 16, 2004

GMF invesment supports biofuel gasification study

The town of Rimbey, Alberta will receive $347,500 from the Green Municipal Fund (GMF) for a study of gasification plant technology to convert organic waste into ethanol, power, heat, bio-fuel, and/or other byproducts.

The study will investigate technologies to convert organic waste into ethanol and other bio-oils, while providing heat and power. It will examine related issues such as long-term feedstock availability and cost, energy balance and anticipated greenhouse gas (GHG) benefits common to the establishment of an ethanol production facility, irrespective of specific feedstock.

"Rimbey has a diverse agricultural industry with over 100 businesses serving a trading area of approximately 20,000 people," said Mayor Dale Barr. "Our goal is to address existing organic waste and household waste disposal problem in a new and innovative way. This project can lead to many new jobs and represent over 30 million dollars in new commercial investment. It can also provide a new income stream for local farmers by way of offering them an opportunity to divert organic waste, such as, straw, feedlot waste, auction market waste and dry manure. It will benefit all our communities by reducing the use of the landfill facility."

The mayor further pointed out that Rimbey's location is well suited for the eventual establishment of such a plant, as the town has a well-developed industrial park and substantial feedstock needed for gasification plant operations in the area. As well, the proposed plant site is close to facilities that could benefit from waste heat.

More information is available from Mayor Dale Barr, 403/704-4266.

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