May 31, 2004

BC is home for new Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health

VANCOUVER, BC-British Columbia will be home to the new National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health. This will be one of six specialized regional centres across the country which will work closely with the new Public Health Agency of Canada. "The effects of the environment on human health are increasingly well known," said federal Environment Minister David Anderson. "However, the importance of the environment and its changes, and the role that public health plays in reducing adverse effects or promoting environmental improvements, needs to be explored further in Canada." Acting as catalysts, the National Collaborating Centres will help strengthen the capacity of the public health system. They will facilitate the sharing of knowledge and help put it into practice at all levels of the public health system across Canada. Specifically, the National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health in British Columbia will look at how, for example, climate, water quality, food quality, air quality and shelter influence the state of human health. Infectious agents, toxins, chemical agents, and workplace health and injuries will also be taken into account.
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