June 21, 2004

Joint contributions assure preservation of unique Lower Mainland wetland

PITT MEADOWS, BC-The preservation of Codd Wetland, on British Columbia's Lower Mainland, has been assured through a $4.5-million acquisition by the British Columbia government, the Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD), the district of Pitt Meadows, The Land Conservancy of BC (TLC) and Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC, on behalf of the Pacific Estuary Conservation Program partners), and the Aquilini Investment Group. Codd Wetland is the last and largest freshwater intertidal wetland in the Lower Mainland, and is one of the last remaining undiked floodplain wetlands in the region. The Codd Wetland-Aquilini Conservation Reserve encompasses an area of 104.5 hectares, which includes important waterfowl habitat and waterways and provides vital spawning and wintering areas for salmon. Codd Wetland is located within the Alouette River watershed, adjacent to Golden Ears Provincial Park, Pitt Addington Wildlife Management Area, and Pitt Polder Ecological Reserve. The GVRD will manage the site under a collaborative management plan being developed by the partners with the goal of maintaining the present species and habitat diversity. The purchase was made possible through contributions from the Province of British Columbia ($1.3 million), GVRD ($1.3 million), Ducks Unlimited ($800,000), TLC ($200,000) and Pitt Meadows ($200,000), in addition to the Aquilini Investment Group's donation of $700,000. The district of Pitt Meadows was the first to make a financial commitment, based on the efforts of the Pitt Polder Preservation Society to preserve the area.
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