February 23, 2004

Recycling agency issues RFP for food waste separation study

HALIFAX, NS-Nova Scotia's Resource Recovery Fund Board (RRFB) has issued a request for proposals for a food waste separation study. The province bans many recyclable and compostable materials from disposal in landfills. Consequently, businesses and industries often need to de-package or separate unusable food products from the package so that the recyclable and compostable materials can be separated from waste materials. The RRFB study will complete an inventory of materials requiring such separation, review processes and equipment, identify markets and materials, clarify any special issues and barriers to be considered, and provide cost scenarios for preferred options. Proposals are due by 2:30 p.m. Friday, March 5, 2004. Study information packages may be requested from RRFB Nova Scotia at 1-877-313-RRFB (7732), E-mail info@rrfb.com.
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