March 29 - April 5, 2004

NRC to test Hydrogenics electrolyzer for solar-based hydrogen production

MISSISSAUGA, ONT-Hydrogenics Corporation will be delivering its HyLyzer(tm) electrolyzer to the National Research Council Canada (NRC)'s Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation in Vancouver during the second quarter of 2004. The electrolyzer will use solar power to make pure hydrogen from water; it is specified to produce 1.9 kilograms of hydrogen a day. The hydrogen produced will be compressed into storage containers for the building's backup power system. Hydrogenics is currently developing HyLyzer systems in three sizes, ranging from a personal refueler producing up to 2.5 kilograms of hydrogen daily to a fleet refueler capable of generating up to 65 kilograms of hydrogen per day. The modular and compact design of HyLyzer refuelers allows them to be scaled for increased hydrogen generation and storage requirements. "This installation at NRC demonstrates perhaps the most important benefit of using hydrogen as an energy carrier," said Hydrgenics president and CEO Pierre Rivard. "When we use a resource such as solar power to generate hydrogen as a fuel for fuel cell appliances and vehicles we have a truly renewable, non-polluting energy system. Being able to provide hydrogen generation devices, as well as fuel cell power products, differentiates Hydrogenics within the industry," he added.
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